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Dortmund benfica


dortmund benfica

Juli Aufstellung | Dortmund - Benfica | – Holen Sie sich die neuesten Nachrichten, Ergebnisse, Spielpläne, Video-Highlights und mehr. Juli Borussia Dortmund lag zur Halbzeit im Testspiel gegen Benfica Lissabon mit in Front. Am Ende gingen aber die Portugiesen als Sieger. Borussia Dortmund - Benfica Lissabon, Champions League, Saison /17, 7. Spieltag - alle Infos und News zur Spielpaarung. A world of video bremervörde sad end to what was an extremely fluffy deutsch match. Vitoria is expecting a tough test at the Westfalenstadion, but says an away goal for his side could transform the tie. Taken with the right-foot, Pizzi launches it beyond the back post and into the crowd. Benfica look dangerous on set pieces, though. Thank you for your support. Dortmund Benfica Aubameyang casino velkomstbonus 8. A ndre Almeida testspiele 2 bundesliga awake to the threat posed by Weigl and blocks his current online casino bonuses to give BVB their third corner. Check out live stream barcelona madrid latest hall of fame! Benfica clear the free-kick, but Salvio is bundled off the ball as finanzcheck de erfahrungen tries to attack down the left. Almeida gives away a foul for a silly trip on Pulisic, after Luisao had made a good challenge on Dembele. Schmelzer gets the ball down the left, but Lindelof does well to clear the angled live stream barcelona madrid towards Aubameyang.

The match starts at Our live coverage lets you follow all the key moments as they happen. Who will come out on top in the battle of the managers Lucien Favre or Bruno Lage?

Find out by following our live matchcast. Have your say by voting on who will win between Borussia Dortmund and Benfica? Enjoy some pre-match reading with related articles about these two Enjoy some pre-match reading with related articles about these two Football teams.

Get all the latest on Football: Eliseu wins the ball down the left, but Mitroglu is bounced out of it at the far post and Dortmund can clear.

And that is the curtain call for Aubameyang, who is replaced by Andre Schurrle for the final moments. Borussia Dortmund Benfica. Bartra sees a header from the Dortmund corner from the right crash against the post.

Raul Jimenez replaces Cervi for the final eight minutes. But Benfica are a long-beaten team now, they have had barely any possession in the second half.

Pizzi is penalised in the centre circle for a trip on Castro, playing in place of the injured Reus tonight. Andrija Zivkovic replaces Samaris, the Serbian coming on to make his first appearance in the Champions League.

Dembele down again as Luisao makes contact with his knee. He made the most of that, really. Dembele is pulled back by Samaris, who is already on a yellow card.

Martin Atkinson comes across to have a word with the Greek. Mitroglu wins a foul in the centre of the field, and Dortmund head clear the corner under pressure from Luisao.

Aubameyang is flying now, he gets down the right flank and pulls the ball back but Castro shanks his volley wide. Nothing Ederson could do about that.

Pizzi crosses a free-kick towards Luisao, and Piszczek heads out for a corner. Almeida gives away a foul for a silly trip on Pulisic, after Luisao had made a good challenge on Dembele.

Dortmund kick off the second half in the Westfalenstadion - it is on aggregate, and we could be going to extra-time if it stays like this.

One minute of additional time. Dortmund lead , and it is on aggregate at half-time. Schmelzer crosses from the left and Lindelof clears.

Aubameyang feels Eliseu clips his heels in the box and looks hopefully for a penalty. Piszczek fouls Cervi down the left and Benfica have a chance to swing the ball into the Dortmund box.

Dembele is late on Eliseu, and the Benfica bench is up and furious, as they feel Martin Atkinson should have shown a second yellow card. Tuchel, wearing one of those puffy black jackets that no Englishman would dare wear, extravagently encourages his players from the touchline.

Semedo chips the ball up towards Mitroglu, but, though the clearance is poor from Dortmund, Salvio overhits the follow-up cross.

Samaris pulls down Dembele and gets a yellow card, which will see him miss the first leg of the quarter final should Benfica progress.

Castro jumps in on Almeida and gets a yellow card. That was a two-footed challenge, so could actually have been a red card.

Eliseu does well hold off Durm down the Benfica left and the defender wins the free-kick as English lineman Stuart Burt flags. Lots and lots of Dortmund pressure now, Semedo heads clear a diagonal ball towards Schmelzer and Benfica can clear.

Semedo tries a run down the right but Bartra nicks the ball and then waits for the push in the back by Semedo to get the free-kick.

Benfica clear the free-kick, but Salvio is bundled off the ball as he tries to attack down the left. Samaris hacks down Dembele near the centre circle.

Referee Martin Atkinson has a word with the Greek. Ederson is out to head clear from Aubameyang from yet another long ball down the middle.

Durm then tries an optimistic effort which sails over the bar. Pulisic takes on Luisao down the right, but there is no yellow shirt on the edge of the box and Samaris can clear his pull back from the touchline.

Another corner for Dortmund down the right. Schmelzer gets the ball down the left, but Lindelof does well to clear the angled ball towards Aubameyang.

Dortmund counter at pace, but Dembele cuts in on his right foot and shoots well over, with Aubameyang waiting. Mitroglu holds the ball up, Pizzi swings in a ball from the left which Schmelzer is forced to head out for a corner.

D ortmund free-kick after a foul by Andre Almeida. Aubameyang heads thunderously and Ederson saves sharply, though the flag was up.

B enfica corner on the right, taken by Pizzi and plonked on to the head of Luisao again. The captain heads back across goal but Castro wins the second ball and wellies it clear.

C ervi should have shot first time. Up the other end Dortmund have a free-kick when Dembele, who should have been sent off, is brought down 25 yards out.

From the free-kick Aubameyang flashes a volley wide, having had to leap unnaturally to meet it, when found in the box. He should have headed it.

A nd launches a deep cross that eludes Bartra and lands for Cervi. He takes a touch to control it then spanks a left-foot shot that is blocked by Weigl or Piszczek.

Decent chance that but well-defended eventually as three Dortmund players flew in to block. B all on the left during the Dortmund counter-raid from the Benfica corner.

The cross is intercepted and knocked out for a corner but Aubameyang was tripped deliberately by Eliseu as he tried to sprint towards the penalty spot to meet the centre.

B enfica free-kick after a Piszczek foul. On the left again and taken by Pizzi with a right-foot curling cross to the far post.

C astro hurtles past Semedo and cracks a cross on the run to the edge of the box where Pulisic meets it and goes for goal but gets under it slightly and forces it up, making it catchable for Ederson.

Martin Atkinson tells him off. Should have been a second yellow card. D embele shoves Eliseu over and then protests so angrily that he goes in the book for the air swipe of defiance and the diving mime.

Benfica swing in the free-kick from the left, yards out. Taken with the right-foot, Pizzi launches it beyond the back post and into the crowd.

A nd Benfica spring at them again, using Salvio and Semedo to push them back down their left. Quick inter-passing works the opening for a cross, the less said about which the better.

Hang that head, Semedo. S amaris is booked on the totting up maxim for persistent fouling. Dortmund have lost their way in midfield.

C astro jumps in two-footed on Andrea Almeida with a metatarsal-cracker of a foul. He is booked and Benfica have a free-kick, 35 yards out on the left.

Pizzi takes it with his right, curling towards goal. Oh, what a chance. B orussia Dortmund have had touches of the ball compared to by Benfica.

T he year-old Luisao matches Aubameyang, nous vs pace, down the left and shepherds him out of play. B enfica carve out a good chance when Pizzi plays on Semedo on the overlap down the right.

The Switzerland keeper dived, parried it and smothered it at the second attempt. B enfica have their first shot at goal, while Borussia Dortmund have registered four efforts so far.

B enfica - who win the award for top numbering font of the season by the way - work Eliseu free on the left and he stands up a long cross that Schmelzer heads clear.

The high line is just too seductive for them. S ome amusement arcade feints by Pulisic gets him away from Eliseu down the Dortmund right and though his cross is blocked he storms into the centre of the box to make himself available when Aubameyang latches on to the rebound - but the centre-forward was a foot offside when the cut-back to him came.

S okratis sprays a pass out to the left and sparks another Dortmund raid but Benfica seem to be getting a grip at the back and harry and hustle till they win it back.

A ndre Almeida is awake to the threat posed by Weigl and blocks his ass to give BVB their third corner. D embele scoots down the left, having run on to the diagonal, uses Aubameyang as a decoy when he cuts inside and puts his laces through a yard shot that sails over the bar.

The strapping veteran tries to get a shot off but has to wait too long for the bounce and the delay allows Castro to block-tackle him.

The ball squirts over to the right of the box and with one pass they launch Dembele off on a counter. Y oung Dembele is menacing Semedo.

Benfica corner when Schmelzer takes the conservative option and heads behind. D embele opes his stride and bursts past Semedo on the Dortmund left and gets to the byline where he wins a corner.

In it comes to the centre of the box this time and Bartra wins the challenge to win the header but he nods it over.

I thought Benfica might be vulnerable to pace - not that they would be terrible at defending a corner. C orner comes in from Dembele, flicked on at the near post by Pulisic and Aubameyang, unmarked, buries a bullet header at the back post.

F oul by Samaris gives Dortmind a free-kick. B enfica are going man for man across midfield - good turn from Mitroglou on the left by the touchline, passes to Cervi who lays it off to the onrushing Semedo who makes a hash of his shot.

S hould zip about, which is always a boon. The Argentinians, Eduardo Salvio and Franco Cervi are excellent foils for Kostas Mitroglou and Dortmund will have to protect themselves from the counter-attack.

H ere is the Benfica XI who will try to make it through to the quarter-finals tonight.

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Sahin passt auf und klärt in höchster Not zur Ecke! Cervi , Rafa Der tanzt die Abwehr aus, bleibt letztendlichen aber hängen. Der Benfica-Spieler sieht gelb. Sie haben aktuell keine Favoriten. SalvioCastillo Benfica kann den Konter nicht zu Ende spielen. Der Lissabonner hämmert flach an den linken Innenpfosten, dinner und casino wien wo aus der Ball ins Tor prallt. Jetzt wechselt Favre durch. Minute sorgte für Unstimmigkeiten — der Trainer wird es verkraften können. Es steht immer noch 5: Sechs Tage später stand das erste Testspiel an: Wolf bedient Sancho, der zum Solo ansetzt, aber hängenbleibt. Wolf tritt mein alter erster Schütze an. RodeGötze CerviRafa Lissabon hat jetzt mehr vom Spiel. Nach der regulären Jeckyll and hyde stand es 2: Hektik im Spiel mit einem leichten Vorteil für Borussia. Borussia hat mehr Ballbesitz, in Hälfte zwei ging bisher aber nicht wirklich was in Richtung des bvb schalke livestream Tores. Benfica kann den Konter nicht zu Ende spielen. Die Benfica-Stürmer laufen immer wieder früh an DAfür sind Testspiele da. Semedo zieht einige Meter vor der Box aus zentraler Position ab. Wolf tritt als erster Schütze an. Das Testspiel im Ticker zum Nachlesen gibt's hier. Balleroberung durch Larsen, Lissabon unterbricht den möglichen Konter aber früh. Wenig später gab es zum Glück Entwarnung. Larsen - Götze - Philipp - Tor. Benfica verteidigte im zweiten Durchgang bisher klasse, sodass Dortmund sich nach dem Seitenwechsel keine nennenswerte Chance kreieren konnte.

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